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Burlesque Show Orlando | Cherry Bomb Burlesque

What is Cherry Bomb Burlesque?

“The Best Burlesque Show in Orlando”

Cherry Bomb is an American Neo-Burlesque show in Orlando that bridges sensuality and artistry. In summary, it’s a genre of variety show… A blend of satire, performance art, and adult entertainment featuring striptease coupled with broad comedy acts. Though based on the traditional Burlesque Art, the new form uniquely encompasses a wider range of performance styles. By all means we have pretty girls and sexy dance numbers, but it is about bringing people to their knees as a result of what we call “The Cherry Bomb Effect.  Acts range from anything from classic striptease to current dance numbers as well as theatrical mini-dramas. The show is sassy and funny together with steamy choreography, creative props, 6 beautiful dancers and 2 comedians. Cherry Bomb Burlesque is the hottest burlesque show Orlando has to offer!

After all, this burlesque show in Orlando caters to just about everyone!! Orlando will never be the same!

What to Expect

First thing to remember, a burlesque show is not a female strip club! The performances are sexy and extremely creative with the costumes and props. In other words, expect it to be fun, entertaining, and a little over the top. Another key point is that burlesque is as much about the audience as it is about the performer. As a result, the synergistic relationship between those onstage and those in the audience is crucial and it’s what sets burlesque apart from other performance types. With this in mind, get ready to break down the fourth wall and actively engage. This is what contributes to the unique atmosphere that is part of what makes burlesque so special. In fact, general audience etiquette permits whooping, cheeringapplausewhistles and traditional sounds of encouragement. In conclusion, you won’t be disappointed with the best burlesque show Orlando has ever seen!

Burlesque Show Orlando | Cherry Bomb Burlesque

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